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All American Ponies, Incorporated

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Great Danes siezed from Armstrong County
PA. Animal Cruelty Law
What We Do
How We Operate
All American Ponies, Incorporated
Where to go to SHOP...and SAVE A HORSE
Other Ways to Help us Raise Money
Our Wish List
Cited, Charged and/or Convicted
Before and After Photos
Available for Adoption/ Lease
People and Companies That Donated to AAPI THANK YOU!!!
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All Donations are Tax Deductible!

Due to demand we are expanding our facility to house abused/neglected dogs and cats
Please do not throw away your old and unwanted Animal products or blankets! 
Recycle and Donate them to All American Ponies, Incorporated.

Our Wish List
        *Fuel cards*                                                                               Horse Blankets                                Cat climb trees
        Rubber mats                               *CAT BEDS*
        Buckets                                       Liter
        Fly Spray                                     Flea treatments
        Halter                                           CAT toys   
OUTDOOR DOG RUNNER AND DOG CAGE/kennel for all sizes.

Monetary Donations can be made out to:  All American Ponies, Inc.

We also graciously accept donations to help build a small kennel to house seized abused/neglected dog.

Also Needed:
Foster Homes

Thank you to all of the individuals and companies that have donated to All American Ponies, Inc.