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All American Ponies, Incorporated

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Great Danes siezed from Armstrong County
PA. Animal Cruelty Law
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All American Ponies, Incorporated
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Our primary goal...
is to educate the public on Humane Treatment of Animals. We answer animal cruelty, neglect and abuse complaints. We also rescue many animals from neglect, and abuse, then rehabilitate them and provide them with a loving, caring, peaceful, and safe environment until they are placed in thier forever home.
If you are neglecting and/or abusing an animal it is only a matter of time before our Humane Officer catches up with you, and arrests/prosecutes you. All Animals deserve respect and proper food, clean water and shelter, as they are at our mercy.

Our seconday goal...
is to improve our local community through the use of these rescued and rehabilitated horses.  We are reaching out to all ages of people, children and adults.  We have found that children with developmental needs and at various stages of social abilities especially benefit from learning how to care for horses. 
Working with horses requires people to be patient, perserverent, cautious, calm, and responsible, while also allowing them to develop courage, creativity, respect, and an appreciation for hard work.  We have high standards for behavior in order to provide a secure environment for the horses and volunteers, but our knowlege and experiences are sure to encourage individuals and enhance the life of anyone who wants to help.

 We do NOT take-in or rehome unwanted animals.