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All American Ponies, Incorporated

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Great Danes siezed from Armstrong County
PA. Animal Cruelty Law
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All American Ponies, Incorporated
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Our organization is run on a strictly volunteer basis. 
No volunteer is paid, including all members, chair holders, and even president and founder of All American Ponies Penny Dewoehrel. All monies and other donations received by this organization go directly to rescuing and caring for animals in need. 
We do, however, reward volunteers for their time and effort by providing them countless hours with our horses, education about horses, trail rides, and riding lessons at no charge to them. 
If you are interested in volunteer opportunities with A.A.P.I., please feel free to contact us.
Since All American Ponies, Inc. does not receive any State or Federal Funding, we rely on the generosity of others.  In addition to volunteer opportunities, we also gladly accept monetary gifts as well as other donations.
To find out more about what we need, please visit our "Wish List."
And remember, all donations made to us are tax deductible. 
All American Ponies, Incorporated has teamed up with several websites that will donate to us based on your purchase order!
No additional money or time required from you, simply CLICK and SHOP!  The companies display the donation amount, as much 75% of your purchase price, so you will know how much money AAPI will receive. 
To shop now, just click the "Where to go to SHOP...and SAVE A HORSE" link on the navagation bar to the left of the screen.
If you would like more information about this program and other ways in which you can help us by shopping online, please click the "How to SHOP...and SAVE A HORSE" link on the   website's navigation bar on the left of the screen.