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exclusively here at the All American Ponies, Incorporated facility...




Affectionately known on our farm as "Lucky," this horse is a registered COLORADO RANGER HORSE and a registered (few spot) FOUNDATION APPALOOSA and a registered progeny of SUNDANCE F-500

Delivered by our founder and president Penny Dewoehrel on June 27, 2004 and registered April 1, 2004, he certainly is the court jester of our royal palace!  He has a very sweet, child-like, playful personality and an especially lovely opera voice whinny (something you wouldn't expect from such a STUD!) And you can be sure that he has all the intelligence and affection that his pedigree suggests.

He is also very "Lucky" with the the ladies.  Feel free to view our "Availlable for Adoption" page to see his most recent creation "Baby" out of Sierra, our Splash White Overo chestnut paint pony (who is also available for adoption).

If you would like your next foal to be a Colorado Ranger Horse or you would like to experience the joys of the Appaloosa or you would like your next foal to have the remarkable intelligence and disposition that made Sundance F-500 famous, just make an appointment with Penny and come and see our handsome "playboy" for yourself. 

If you can't stop by, be sure to call Penny for more info on Lucky and make other arrangements.

****As with all our incoming funds, all proceeds from his stud fee go directly to All American Ponies, Incorporated to be used solely for the rescue of horses from unnecesary slaughter, abuse, and neglect, their rehabilitation, and for finding them loving homes.****