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All American Ponies, Incorporated

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Great Danes siezed from Armstrong County
PA. Animal Cruelty Law
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All American Ponies, Incorporated
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How Our WEBMALL Works
For instance, will donate 12.6% of your purchase price to All American Ponies, Inc.  If you buy $50.00 worth of bulbs (not counting shipping & handling, and after any discounts you may have), will send us $6.30.  (By the way that will feed a horse here for 3 days.) 
The prices are the same as you would find if you shopped any of these stores online without going through our webmall. Webmalls, especially for charities, are premium marketing for companies selling their products.  People all over America want to support various charities and companies are also competing for that same money Americans want to donate. 
With our webmall, EVERYONE WINS.  Consumers get the products they expect and are accustomed to at prices they normally pay online WHILE supporting causes in which they believe.  Companies move their products, stimulate the economy, and provide opportunities for non profit organizations to thrive, such as All American Ponies, Incorporated.  
Help us thrive so more horses survive!